Celebrating 3 friends' 50th Birthdays in 2 days!

What a weekend! On Sat, August 9th, good friend "Newbee" (Bill) and girlfriend Chris hosted a special 50th birthday BBQ bash at their home in Redondo Beach. With over 10 members of Newbee and Chris's family in town from San Jose to Wisconsin, the event was heart-warming. And we chose to attend this celebration instead of seeing Jimmy Buffett perform at free concert on Hermosa Beach. That means something... :)   Then the next day, 2 friends Tina "GoGo" and husband Jim, visiting all the way from Boston, celebrated their 50th birthdays! Not at that age yet, it's a reminder that I'll be there soon AND to appreciate my close friends and every day of life no matter what age we are - now and 20 years from now. #lifelives