Featured Quote in Coping With Cancer Magazine May/June 2016 issue

"It’s that faith in myself that helps me overcome obstacles in life, includ­ing cancer. And when a thunderstorm rolls in, I remind myself that there’s a sun behind those clouds.

It will shine again – maybe not today or tomorrow – but it will shine again.

When we disagree with co-workers or family members - and we know we are "right.". When we have a headache that won't stop. When a close friend dies suddenly or is taken off this earth at an early age. When things happen that are out of our control - and they're not positive things. Remember the sunshine. Remember it WILL shine again. 

After having an article featured in the January/February Coping With Cancer Magazine, I'm honored to have this quote placed in a special section in May/June issue. We need to ALL  remember this every day.