Receiving VIP tickets 9/1/14 from Camera Exec. David Plakos to attend SU2C telecast

On Monday, Sept 1st - 4 days before the SU2C telecast, on which I will be televised, I spoke with Cancer Support Community's Theresa Plakos. Small world, as her husband David was head cameraman for the telecast - and ended up providing me and date tickets to the Dolby Theatre. Sept. 5th telecast! 

On that night, I needed to make a decision of who to invite, as this would be a VIP, first class event, attended by EVERYONE in Hollywood, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kareem AJ, Pierce Brosnan, Justin Timberlake to name a few - and hosted by Katie Couric. Judge Don Prichard was the perfect date. So I went to see him at Chelsea and formally invited him. Excited as the evening was just 4 nights away, I had my nails done by Betti Escobar on Wed, my hair done by Eloy and drycleaned red sarong ready, too.

Now I'm curious to know where the tickets are. David Plakos, so kindly emailed contact Tiffany requesting they be close to stage. But understandably, those were reserved for corporate donors and the "elite". David also picked up the tickets at Will Call on Thursday, keeping me from having to drive to Hollywood ahead of time to get them, as I didn't want to wait til Friday. He shared, after the 2 rehearsals on Wed and Thurs, that the video - to be behind Jennifer Hudson, Common and Lupe Fiasco, would be the final - BEST - segment of the hour-long commercial-free telecast.