Aug. 25th - Selected as Survivor on Video at Stand Up To Cancer Telecast - to Ben Kitay Studios

What an honor! After American Cancer Society submitted my name, bio to Producers, they chose me, with 8 other survivors, to be taped "fighting the battle" against cancer.  Being told via email on Monday, Aug. 25 and then receiving 2 phone calls from the Studios, on Tuesday and Wednesday regarding details, athletic attire and exact Studio time, I'm on my way to get taped on Thursday, August 28th! Of couse, I needed new athletic shoes and potentially shorts - so I rushed (and had tons of fun) to Dick's Sporting Goods and (for the 1st time since Miami Beach in 1999) to Payless, where I found the perfect Champions - and received the BEST service.

At the Studios, I was greeted by Jennifer Lyons, Assist. Producer, and then introduced to the nicest, coolest 2 people - Bruce, my make-up artist, and Barbara, my hairstylist, from Manhattan Beach. We had such fun before I event entered the quote "studio".  When I did, the Wardrobe girl,., who's name I'm embarrassed to not remember,  was so sweet and took, my Iphone, recorded photos, videos during while on set. The main Producer Rick Austin and I meshed well - immediately. He even played the song "Eye of the Tiger" for Rocky, hence my name,  as I was directed to HIT, PUNCH the wet boxing bag, wearing big red boxing gloves. Then I was instructed to do several more acts: walk towards camera, looking down to up, point strongly at my SU2C logo on my chest, slowly lift lit candle and then quickly blow it out w/ streams of smoke in the air, raise my arms high with boxing gloves as a champion.  After the 2 hours, I shared my cards with the Rick and the other 5 Production guys - and asked Rick for his email and SU2C contact for receiving copy of the gig. He shared  Madeline Marotto's name - to be contacted. 

On my way home, I coincidentally drove right by Paramount Studio entrance - and prayed that I'll be returning to the studios again soon - but next time, the Paramount Studios. :)