1 week ago - Sept. 5th - The BIG night - #SU2C telecast at the Dolby Theatre - as guest & #survivor in video

Wow - what a day and night! Getting hair done by Eloy Friday at 12noon and receiving make-up suggestions from Betti, I was ready. 

Judge and me in front of SU2C Wall at the Dolby Theatre

Judge and me in front of SU2C Wall at the Dolby Theatre

Picked up in Judge's extra comfortable MBenz at 1:30pm, we ventured to the Dolby Theatre. After a quick drink at Cabo Wabo's, we entered at 3:30pm, went down to 1st floor at which time I called David Plakos, the Camera Exec who finessed our tix - and my friend. He  came to get us and, after taking above photo, took us down to the Orchestra level. David treated us to VIP description of the camera-work angles, including details of the Emmy's, Grammy's, the Voice, and  more projects he's worked.  Then I saw "my" Producer, Rick Austin, the one who produced our Survivor video!  Chatting w/ him, we both recalled Madeline Marotto's reference to me as "fierce". :) After I took lots of photos - and quickly saw me on quick clip of survivors' video, Judge and I went to our seats.


The show begins...10 minutes early. Incredible - as, before we're on live, Gwyneth Paltrow greets everyone, introduces the main organizers and asks all Scientists, Researchers helping in fight against cancer to stand. After lead Producer Joel Gallen gives us in audience instructions, telecast begins - on ABC,. CBS, NBC. FOX and over 26 cable outlets. With star-studded participants, like Jennifer Aniston, Mike Myers, Kevin Bacon, Rees Witherspoon, Dave Matthews and The Who perform off-site while  Ariana Grande performs live. HOLD ON! The last segment of the hour-long commercial-free telecast airing Primetime at 8pm is Jennifer Hudson, Common and Lupe Fiasco, performing "Remission".

This is where I come in. 5 seconds before JHud begins, a video of Survivors appears behind stage. First there's a young girl, then ME walking towards camera, with my prosthesis in  full view. During the next 4 minutes of the song, there are 10 additional clips with Adrienne Slaughter - punching boxing bag, blowing out candles, "fierce"ly pointing to SU2C logo on my chest. Videotaping it, except for 5 seconds, at which time I took Iphone photo, the video and musical performance were unbelievable. 

After leaving the Theatre, the night ended on a perfect note, with Judge taking me to Valentino, where we were able to watch it at 8pm, with all other West Coast viewers. And we enjoyed the most delicious dinner and phenomenal service. Owner Piero treated us extra special at the bar area. Perfect evening to never be forgotten.