Team Bananas for Ana Fundraiser at the North End last night - huge success! #speakswithasmile

Wow - What an incredible evening! Allowing me to speak (uplift and inspire) for 5 minutes, Jen and Audie (bartends at the North End Bar & Grill) also did a marvelous job organizing, collecting the 3 HUGE Silent Auction items (one was a Galaxy jersey signed by each team member), the Door Prizes and the Raffle prizes, all over $100 in value. With, what appeared to be, over 100 people inside, the North End attracted more interest than expected.

As the 2nd annual, this event was extra special as Ana was there, with tons of energy - and looked very healthy. As she is "surviving" cancer, maintaining it, she spoke of very minimal side effects of the treatment. Hot flashes was it. 

Organizer Jen quieted the crowd at 8:30, explained details of raffle, door prizes and SA items and then introduced me. She warmly referred to me as a 3 time cancer survivor and mentioned my website, too. I then began with my "thumbs up" rally of the group, asking them to find a free hand. They all participated over-willingly with many showing 2-handed thumbs up. We commended the Team Banana for Ana and then both cancer survivors and those "surviving", as Ana currently is. I then quickly brought up having lost my leg 33 years ago and then being diagnosed in 2009. I ended by stating the importance of the "3 f's" - faith, family and friends. And the importance of positivity when dealind with cancer. Lastly, I asked for 1 more thumbs up the Team and to ANA. I was applauded genuinely and was told, by several throughout the evening, that I uplifted and inspired them.

Looking forward to participating in the 3rd annual next year - and here's to the strength and continued good health of Ana!