The Grove/ Miracle Mile Relay For Life - Perfect Day!

As Keynote Speaker at Sunday's Special 1st Annual Relay for Life at The Grove/ Miracle Mile, I met many wonderful Survivors and Caregivers! After we tied ribbons in memory of a family or friend who passed of cancer, I was introduced and kept the crowd smiling! I shared my personal story of losing my leg to Bone Cancer at 14 yrs of age with only 1% chance of survival and my breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. I then lifted them up with comical positives. From my only having to shave 1 leg to now having "boobies", I brought giggles from the audience of over 100. We then walked together to Pan Pacific Park, danced, listened to live music and really celebrated the event. I was, there, interviewed by CBS, which aired last night on Channel 2 and 9. Organized by Ashley Millhouse, this RFL brought together over 20 Survivors, from Brain Cancer to Leukemia, and will assuredly grow larger every year to come. I look forward to returning next year! #speakswithasmile @relayforlife #lifelives #speakers #motivation #inspiration #cure