CBS interview on 7/20/14 - Positives after beating Cancer TWICE :)

Here's a link to interview that aired on CBS last Sunday, reminding listeners, viewers how important a POSITIVE attitude is. #speakswithasmile #positive #inspiration #motivation #smiles #birthdays #RFL #cancer

The Grove/ Miracle Mile Relay For Life - Perfect Day!

As Keynote Speaker at Sunday's Special 1st Annual Relay for Life at The Grove/ Miracle Mile, I met many wonderful Survivors and Caregivers! After we tied ribbons in memory of a family or friend who passed of cancer, I was introduced and kept the crowd smiling! I shared my personal story of losing my leg to Bone Cancer at 14 yrs of age with only 1% chance of survival and my breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. I then lifted them up with comical positives. From my only having to shave 1 leg to now having "boobies", I brought giggles from the audience of over 100. We then walked together to Pan Pacific Park, danced, listened to live music and really celebrated the event. I was, there, interviewed by CBS, which aired last night on Channel 2 and 9. Organized by Ashley Millhouse, this RFL brought together over 20 Survivors, from Brain Cancer to Leukemia, and will assuredly grow larger every year to come. I look forward to returning next year! #speakswithasmile @relayforlife #lifelives #speakers #motivation #inspiration #cure


This weekend's El Segundo Relay for Life - a huge success!

So enjoyed my 4th Relay for Life talk this season! As Keynote Survivor Speaker at yesterday's Opening Ceremonies at El Segundo's 8th Annual Relay for Life, I met the most wonderful new friends, including its Chair Patricia Morales and the El Segundo's Fire Department. They were ALL there, handing us Survivors roses and placing Medals around our necks at the finish line of the Survivor Walk. Wow. 

Two reporters from El Segundo TV were also there, taping the event and interviewing myself in addition to event participants and volunteers. This was extra special as the head reporter, interviewer Renee's mother passes of cancer, making it a more personal job.

This 24 hour fundraiser had already raised $29,000! Thanks to the leadership of Chair Patricia Morales and the American Cancer Society's Maggie Walsh and Ashley Millhouse. 

Getting ready for my 5th RFL talk at The Grove next Sunday, July 20th! #speakswithasmile #elsegundo #relayforlife #americancancersociety

 With El Segundo's Fire Department. Am I on The Bachelorette?

 With El Segundo's Fire Department. Am I on The Bachelorette?

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