Song lyrics written 5 years ago - when recovering from 2nd cancer experience

A reminder of how precious life is!

“28 More”       Written by Adrienne Slaughter


Watching a movie -  to get it off my mind.

Already seen the movie, but will it help?

Closing my eyes, so maybe I’ll be blind -

To the true reality, to what I’ve been dealt.


    Yea I’ve been there before - A long time ago.

    Yea - given 28 more.    Die from cancer?   NO.  


 They said I shouldn’t have – but I did.

They said I couldn’t have – but I lived.

The odds were against me, but I soared -

To achieve and to be – not less but more.


    Yea I’ve been there before - A long time ago.

    Yea - given 28 more.    Die?   No never,  NO.  


Some say life is short – but it’s not.

Some say life’s a bore – if so, why not -

Enjoy it ‘til it’s time & never look back.

As the sun rises high, look UP - try to CLAP

    Your hands together with all your friends!

    Smile with pleasure, as life never ends!

    Remember forever – your flame stays a light!

    As nothing’s better – than life, ya gotta fight!


I say I should have – and I did. 

Today I can laugh – as I live.

No odds are against me – as I adore

Achieving & being – Not less, but so much more…


    Yea I’ve been there before - A long time ago.

    Yea given 28 more.   Live? Yes, forever - ALIVE!


Appreciation of Vision

Having watched a Scent of a Woman movie last night with a blind character played by Al Pacino, I was reminded of the VALUE of sight. Most of us are blessed by being born with vision of both eyes. Think about life without our eyes - or any vision. It'd be missing such beauty.

So let's not take vision for granted. I lost sight in my left eye in a car accident at age of 17. But Ic can still see with my right eye. I have vision. I have ability to see the gorgeous ocean every day, living here in Hermosa Beach. I even see the sunset every night and the stars above the ocean from my home windows. Wow, am I blessed!

Wow, aren't we fortunate to SEE! 

Personal Blog - Walk With Sally - How its cause is special and needed!

While there are lots of needed and significant causes,. they don't all "mesh" with everyone. Having had cancer twice and being athletic, I, of course, lend a voluntary hand and donate to causes, groups like the American Cancer Society and Challenged Athletes Foundation. But I just realized a connection with Walk With Sally - a week ago, late at night. 

When I was invited to speak at the Pink Party for Walk With Sally, held at The Deck in Hermosa Beach on Thursday, October 23, 2014, I excitedly accepted. Like all talks, I prepared with bullet points on notecards and in my Iphone. But not until I was laying in bed the night before this event did I realize how significant Walk With Sally is - to me.

You see, I've always been "the strong one". I have visited kids with cancer in hospitals since I was a teenager. I've shared my personal hurdles after amputation, the challenges of radiation and chemotherapy as a 15 year old, the scare of being diagnosed with breast cancer years later. But I've been the strong one  - always. Right?

No. I realized, when pondering the specifics of my talk to Walk With Sally guests the night before, that I needed its help AND know many more people who would have benefited from WWS 33 years ago.

When I started visiting kids with cancer, their parents and sisters and brothers needed me - sometimes, more than the kid with cancer. They needed Walk With Sally's help. When my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1994, I had a very difficult time. Seeing my mother going through cancer, experiencing the chemo, getting sick, losing her hair - the whole thing - was tough for me. I needed Walk With Sally then.

So, what a neat realization. Walk With Sally means more to me now than I previously thought. And I changed my speech entirely, when I was laying in bed the night before the Pink Party. Thank God for Nick Arquette's founding of Walk With Sally. Its helpful arms reach out to so many "other victims", who are in need. #smiles #positive #cancer #cure #speakswithasmile #kids @walkwithsally #inspiration



Personal Blog - October is #BreastCancer Awareness Month - How blessed I am!

Imagine being a tournament tennis player, ranked in the state and predicted to turn Professional in a few years. Your life-long dream – at 14 years old – is to be a Chris Evert-Lloyd or a Tracy Austin. Then there’s a pain in your knee. Two weeks later, your leg is amputated due to Childhood Bone Cancer. Crushing, ya think? No. It wasn’t.


While my Professional tennis-playing career didn’t happen, I did live – and now aim to inspire others everyday! With only 1% chance of survival, I beat the odds – a “miracle”, Doctors say. Yes, I underwent Chemo and Radiation therapy and lost my hair. But I knew those therapies would help me live longer, and my hair grew back. As a kid, that was important. I was also blessed with faith, family and friends – and the determination to get back on that tennis court, even with a prosthetic leg.


So today, 33 years later, I not only play tennis but also rock climb, ski, dance (actually danced in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival) and am more active than most 2-legged gals, excuse my “blunt-ness”. Attitude is (almost) everything. With it, I beat that damn disease at 14 years old, and again, 5 years ago, with Breast Cancer. While “2-timers” are not positive references, I’m proud to be one; it means I beat cancer twice. Including tennis matches, there couldn’t be a better 2 set match to win – with a smile. That’s the match of life.


1 week ago - Sept. 5th - The BIG night - #SU2C telecast at the Dolby Theatre - as guest & #survivor in video

Wow - what a day and night! Getting hair done by Eloy Friday at 12noon and receiving make-up suggestions from Betti, I was ready. 

Judge and me in front of SU2C Wall at the Dolby Theatre

Judge and me in front of SU2C Wall at the Dolby Theatre

Picked up in Judge's extra comfortable MBenz at 1:30pm, we ventured to the Dolby Theatre. After a quick drink at Cabo Wabo's, we entered at 3:30pm, went down to 1st floor at which time I called David Plakos, the Camera Exec who finessed our tix - and my friend. He  came to get us and, after taking above photo, took us down to the Orchestra level. David treated us to VIP description of the camera-work angles, including details of the Emmy's, Grammy's, the Voice, and  more projects he's worked.  Then I saw "my" Producer, Rick Austin, the one who produced our Survivor video!  Chatting w/ him, we both recalled Madeline Marotto's reference to me as "fierce". :) After I took lots of photos - and quickly saw me on quick clip of survivors' video, Judge and I went to our seats.


The show begins...10 minutes early. Incredible - as, before we're on live, Gwyneth Paltrow greets everyone, introduces the main organizers and asks all Scientists, Researchers helping in fight against cancer to stand. After lead Producer Joel Gallen gives us in audience instructions, telecast begins - on ABC,. CBS, NBC. FOX and over 26 cable outlets. With star-studded participants, like Jennifer Aniston, Mike Myers, Kevin Bacon, Rees Witherspoon, Dave Matthews and The Who perform off-site while  Ariana Grande performs live. HOLD ON! The last segment of the hour-long commercial-free telecast airing Primetime at 8pm is Jennifer Hudson, Common and Lupe Fiasco, performing "Remission".

This is where I come in. 5 seconds before JHud begins, a video of Survivors appears behind stage. First there's a young girl, then ME walking towards camera, with my prosthesis in  full view. During the next 4 minutes of the song, there are 10 additional clips with Adrienne Slaughter - punching boxing bag, blowing out candles, "fierce"ly pointing to SU2C logo on my chest. Videotaping it, except for 5 seconds, at which time I took Iphone photo, the video and musical performance were unbelievable. 

After leaving the Theatre, the night ended on a perfect note, with Judge taking me to Valentino, where we were able to watch it at 8pm, with all other West Coast viewers. And we enjoyed the most delicious dinner and phenomenal service. Owner Piero treated us extra special at the bar area. Perfect evening to never be forgotten.

Receiving VIP tickets 9/1/14 from Camera Exec. David Plakos to attend SU2C telecast

On Monday, Sept 1st - 4 days before the SU2C telecast, on which I will be televised, I spoke with Cancer Support Community's Theresa Plakos. Small world, as her husband David was head cameraman for the telecast - and ended up providing me and date tickets to the Dolby Theatre. Sept. 5th telecast! 

On that night, I needed to make a decision of who to invite, as this would be a VIP, first class event, attended by EVERYONE in Hollywood, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kareem AJ, Pierce Brosnan, Justin Timberlake to name a few - and hosted by Katie Couric. Judge Don Prichard was the perfect date. So I went to see him at Chelsea and formally invited him. Excited as the evening was just 4 nights away, I had my nails done by Betti Escobar on Wed, my hair done by Eloy and drycleaned red sarong ready, too.

Now I'm curious to know where the tickets are. David Plakos, so kindly emailed contact Tiffany requesting they be close to stage. But understandably, those were reserved for corporate donors and the "elite". David also picked up the tickets at Will Call on Thursday, keeping me from having to drive to Hollywood ahead of time to get them, as I didn't want to wait til Friday. He shared, after the 2 rehearsals on Wed and Thurs, that the video - to be behind Jennifer Hudson, Common and Lupe Fiasco, would be the final - BEST - segment of the hour-long commercial-free telecast. 

Aug. 25th - Selected as Survivor on Video at Stand Up To Cancer Telecast - to Ben Kitay Studios

What an honor! After American Cancer Society submitted my name, bio to Producers, they chose me, with 8 other survivors, to be taped "fighting the battle" against cancer.  Being told via email on Monday, Aug. 25 and then receiving 2 phone calls from the Studios, on Tuesday and Wednesday regarding details, athletic attire and exact Studio time, I'm on my way to get taped on Thursday, August 28th! Of couse, I needed new athletic shoes and potentially shorts - so I rushed (and had tons of fun) to Dick's Sporting Goods and (for the 1st time since Miami Beach in 1999) to Payless, where I found the perfect Champions - and received the BEST service.

At the Studios, I was greeted by Jennifer Lyons, Assist. Producer, and then introduced to the nicest, coolest 2 people - Bruce, my make-up artist, and Barbara, my hairstylist, from Manhattan Beach. We had such fun before I event entered the quote "studio".  When I did, the Wardrobe girl,., who's name I'm embarrassed to not remember,  was so sweet and took, my Iphone, recorded photos, videos during while on set. The main Producer Rick Austin and I meshed well - immediately. He even played the song "Eye of the Tiger" for Rocky, hence my name,  as I was directed to HIT, PUNCH the wet boxing bag, wearing big red boxing gloves. Then I was instructed to do several more acts: walk towards camera, looking down to up, point strongly at my SU2C logo on my chest, slowly lift lit candle and then quickly blow it out w/ streams of smoke in the air, raise my arms high with boxing gloves as a champion.  After the 2 hours, I shared my cards with the Rick and the other 5 Production guys - and asked Rick for his email and SU2C contact for receiving copy of the gig. He shared  Madeline Marotto's name - to be contacted. 

On my way home, I coincidentally drove right by Paramount Studio entrance - and prayed that I'll be returning to the studios again soon - but next time, the Paramount Studios. :)

Celebrating 3 friends' 50th Birthdays in 2 days!

What a weekend! On Sat, August 9th, good friend "Newbee" (Bill) and girlfriend Chris hosted a special 50th birthday BBQ bash at their home in Redondo Beach. With over 10 members of Newbee and Chris's family in town from San Jose to Wisconsin, the event was heart-warming. And we chose to attend this celebration instead of seeing Jimmy Buffett perform at free concert on Hermosa Beach. That means something... :)   Then the next day, 2 friends Tina "GoGo" and husband Jim, visiting all the way from Boston, celebrated their 50th birthdays! Not at that age yet, it's a reminder that I'll be there soon AND to appreciate my close friends and every day of life no matter what age we are - now and 20 years from now. #lifelives

Team Bananas for Ana Fundraiser at the North End last night - huge success! #speakswithasmile

Wow - What an incredible evening! Allowing me to speak (uplift and inspire) for 5 minutes, Jen and Audie (bartends at the North End Bar & Grill) also did a marvelous job organizing, collecting the 3 HUGE Silent Auction items (one was a Galaxy jersey signed by each team member), the Door Prizes and the Raffle prizes, all over $100 in value. With, what appeared to be, over 100 people inside, the North End attracted more interest than expected.

As the 2nd annual, this event was extra special as Ana was there, with tons of energy - and looked very healthy. As she is "surviving" cancer, maintaining it, she spoke of very minimal side effects of the treatment. Hot flashes was it. 

Organizer Jen quieted the crowd at 8:30, explained details of raffle, door prizes and SA items and then introduced me. She warmly referred to me as a 3 time cancer survivor and mentioned my website, too. I then began with my "thumbs up" rally of the group, asking them to find a free hand. They all participated over-willingly with many showing 2-handed thumbs up. We commended the Team Banana for Ana and then both cancer survivors and those "surviving", as Ana currently is. I then quickly brought up having lost my leg 33 years ago and then being diagnosed in 2009. I ended by stating the importance of the "3 f's" - faith, family and friends. And the importance of positivity when dealind with cancer. Lastly, I asked for 1 more thumbs up the Team and to ANA. I was applauded genuinely and was told, by several throughout the evening, that I uplifted and inspired them.

Looking forward to participating in the 3rd annual next year - and here's to the strength and continued good health of Ana!